Directors of the Lower Brushy Creek WCID will soon adopt a budget for the 2023 fiscal year that focuses on reducing the backlog of deferred maintenance, establishing an emergency action plan and deploying rain/water level gauges at four sites.

The proposed $957,305 budget will be supported by $730,000 of property tax revenue and $220,105 in grants from the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board.

Assessed property values across the district have increased by about $1.4 billion which will allow the district to lower the tax rate from 1.9-cents per $100 of valuation about 1.74-cents per $100.

Even with the lower tax rate, the district will general about $160,000 more in tax revenue over the previous year.

The budget calls for $516,000 to maintain the district’s 23 dams, $128,000 to install and maintain rain/water level gauges at four dams and $140,000 in engineering expenses, mostly related to the proposed emergency action plan.

The rain and water level gauges will be installed at Site 29, which is downstream of the new Samsung development, and at sites 18, 20 and 32. A monitor has already been installed at Site 25, which is just west of the Taylor airport.

Directors will hold a public hearing 7 p.m., Wednesday, Sept., 7 in the council chambers at Taylor’s City Hall. You can find a copy of the agenda here.

WCID directors set budget and hearing