While at Site 12, just east of Coupland, Jerome Scanlon and Rojin Tuladhar, of Freese & Nichols, discovered that significant wave erosion which lead to undercuts of the face of the dam on the upstream side. The engineers will deliver the full report to directors Friday morning.

Directors of the Lower Brushy Creek WCID will hold its next regular meeting 7:30 a.m. Friday in the conference room at the Greater Taylor Chamber of Commerce.

Directors are expected to hear a report from engineers at Freese & Nichols regarding the company’s recent inspection of all 23 dams in the region.

There will also be a report from Matthew, Locke & Ritter regarding the 2019 audit.

Directors could also call for an election of new directors in May, should there be contested races for the two open positions.

You can find a copy of the certified agenda here.

Lower Brushy directors to meet Friday